Published: 31 May 2012
Plantify Garden Design Tool
A free new tool to help you design your dream garden has been launched online, we take a closer look.
Adding objects to your garden design
A free online garden design service is now available to stimulate your creative ideas. The team at Plantify have masterminded an innovative design website that will help you to create a brand new garden, improve what you already have or kick start your dream garden of the future.
Peter Laughton is heading the Plantify business and has used his vast experience of IT systems, and a great interest in all things plants to bring together a design package that works. It is being used not only by private gardeners for their own use but also garden designers who can see the benefits of combining technology with hands on practical working methods.  
There are many features within this highly organised website that will inspire you to stretch your ideas in the safety of your own home without anyone else having to be involved. By following the step by step instructions you can establish the basic facts about your site such as the dimensions and positions of boundaries and the layout of key features like the house, drive and paths; not forgetting any existing trees or specimen plants. Establishing the orientation of the site is also important as this will determine where maximum sun light and shade will fall, this in turn may dictate where certain planting schemes or sitting areas are positioned.  If all this sounds complicated then further help is at hand because the team at Plantify have programmed their systems to use satellite maps alongside your plans to help set out and calculate the size of your garden.

Planting Schemes


Selecting plants for the design from a comprehensive plant-finder library.
When it comes to the planting schemes there are more useful applications available at the press of a button [or two !] Once you have created the planting areas it is possible to drag and drop different plants from the vast plant finder data base into your selected positions. This state of the art design tool will indicate if these plants are suitable for the chosen positions, even soil type, available sunlight, flower and foliage colours will be taken into account.
The Plantify garden design tool can also help you monitor the cost of the plants you wish to use by giving up- to- date details of prices for many popular garden plants.
Further design details such as hard surfaces and soft landscape areas can be included at any planning stage to help bring your garden plan to life. Plans are stored on the website with small printouts downloaded for home printing. Anyone wishing to have an A2 size print out of their design can request a copy direct from Plantify for a small charge. 

Hands on advice


The Gardening is teaming up with Plantify to offer a great service to gardeners.

Our Design Zone roadshow will be touring different venues across the country to give practical hands on advice and plenty of encouragement backed up with the online support of the Plantify systems.

More details about this exciting development and the opportunity to win a free design for your garden will be appearing soon. In the mean time take a look at their website -
Reported by Chris Allen  

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