Published: 28 June 2012
The Geranium Tree
On a trip to France one of our readers spotted something unusual that required closer inspection

The Geranium Tree

Mike Webber from Dorset tells us, ‘’I’ve grown pelargonium plants for years, starting way back in the days we were still allowed to call them geraniums. I have grown them for bedding displays, in pots and in troughs, but until a trip to Arcachon in south west France I’d never seen one growing as a tree!  Did we, I wondered have some previously unknown species – a Pelargonium arborescens?  It certainly made a handsome tree, as shown in the photograph; a pleasing shape, and masses of flower.’’


Our reader continues ‘’ I hurried to get closer and then I was in for a big surprise. A the second photo shows, it wasn’t a tree at all.  A steel column covered in plastic ‘bark’ supported a series of steel rings arranged in a similar shape to the hoops of an old fashioned flared petticoat. Small dishes were attached to the hoops and each dish supported a potted pelargonium. A well concealed watering system was the finishing touch.  It must be a huge amount of work to set up for each seasonal display, and not the easiest think to dead head or feed, but I hope they keep it going’’ 
Inside the Geranium Tree
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Reported by Chris Allen  

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