Published: 28 June 2012
Kazuyuki Ishihara
The Japanese style of gardening has fascinated western gardeners for centuries. At RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2012 interest was high profile as visitors viewed different gardens.
Kazuyuki Ishihara

The Exhibitor of one truly memorable show garden in the artisan category was Japanese designer Mr Kazuyuki Ishihara. His design practice is based in Shibuya-ka in Tokyo.

What made his garden worthy of the gold medal and best artisan garden in the show was the attention to detail. Wherever you looked there was not only more to see but every artefact, plant or moss covered stone was in the right place, the correct size and in proportion to its surroundings.  The scale and proportions were very accurate and gave the whole garden a sense of complete harmony. Talking to MrKazuyuki with the help of an interpreter he described how he took the principles of traditional Japanese flower arranging, Ikebana to carry out ‘thinning’ of each plant in order to create space around, and within it, therefore enhancing its visual natural beauty.

His philosophy for garden design is to create gardens that are in harmony with nature and their surroundings. He continued by saying ‘In our modern times this garden shows the importance of being gentle and co-existing with nature’.  


Mr Kazuyuki has designed and built show gardens at RHS Chelsea for several years; this year he adds another gold medal to his display cabinet to impress his worldwide clients. With this success he may well be back in the UK for next year’s show. 


Reported by Chris Allen  

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