Published: 04 July 2012
Clarington Forge: Fork it over
An article in the Wall Street Journal this year caused an unexpected demand for a very specific tool, we witness the first batch emerge from the production line...

The first batch finishes production.

The importance of the world press for international business was highlighted by an article in The Wall Street Journal dated Wednesday 18th April 2012.

In it Anne Marie Chaker drew attention to a British company called Clarington Forge who have been manufacturing their range of tools since 1780. The particular garden tool mentioned was the Clarington Forge Strapped Fork being used by the director of the US Botanic Garden in Washington DC.

As a direct result of this article, the US agent for Clarington Forge received a flurry of requests from avid Wall Street Journal readers who wished to purchase the product and an order was sent to the UK for immediate action.


Global team effort

I happened to be visiting the Wigan based Clarington Forge to write a feature for The Gardening when marketing manager Fred Foot showed me the first batch of the forks that had been specially manufactured for immediate air freighting to the US.  I was then introduced to Mick Worth, the highly skilled member of the forge team who actually made these forks. Watching Mick and his team using the incredibly powerful machines to turn red hot steel into the highest quality tools was an inspiring site.

This story made me think that the power of these great machines and the power of the written word can really turn sheets of metal into tangible products and sheets of paper that generate business, into sales and hopefully, money in the bank.

Global team effort does work, whatever the scale of operation.

Reported by Chris Allen  

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