Published: 31 October 2012
The Benefits of a VegTrug
VegTrug have released a range of attractive products to help make our gardening easier and more productive.

For some of us, kneeling down and bending over to attend to our plants can be half the challenge when it comes to gardening. The range from VegTrug aims to alleviate these issues whilst becoming an attractive piece of garden furniture in its own right; and thanks to its innovative design it is even possible to sit in a comfy chair or a wheel chair, to plant, sow and weed.

Sufficient Depth

The design of the VegTrug means that there is sufficient depth of compost for carrots, beetroots and potatoes to be grown successfully. A small VegTrug would make a very attractive herb garden. The high quality wood finish means that vegetable growing need not be relegated to the far end of the garden behind a high screen. In fact when you have one, you will want to show it off to your friends. If you prefer, there will be an aluminium version arriving in the Spring of 2013.

The VegTrug really comes into its own however where space is limited. Purpose made heavy duty trellis panels and towers allow taller plants to be grown, further maximising the available space and the variety of plants and vegetables which can be grown. 

To keep your plants happy and the insects out, there is a range of made to measure covers available, to fit the entire range of VegTrugs.

To see the full range of VegTrug products, have a look at their website:

Reported by Liz Thompson  

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