Published: 01 February 2013
RSPB Birdwatch Follow Up
Liz Thompson recounts how she got on during the 2013 RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

Great Spotted Woodpecker
We had a lot of fun taking part in the RSPB Birdwatch last weekend. Nearly all of our resident birds came along to be counted, but we also had some new visitors to the garden. 

We did not recognise them at all, so we spent some time trawling through our bird books and eventually found out that we had a small number of Siskins and a Brambling. Fortunately they stayed for quite some time and we could get a definite identification of them.

It did highlight to me that a good bird book is really useful if you spend any time watching them, either in your garden or in the countryside, because you never know what may turn up.
The only regulars who stayed away during our watch were the Long-tailed tits, and of course, they were back the very next day.

Reporting Your Results

Now that the RSPB Birdwatch is over, it is time to send it your results. With data being sent in from all over the country the RSPB will get a clearer idea of how well our bird population is coping with all of the difficulties that they have to face.
 If you have not yet had a chance to submit your results, please do, it is very easy. I sent our results in the other day and it only took a few minutes on the RSPB website. Remember, this is a scientific study and it is not often that we get a chance to be involved in something that is nationally important like this.

Reported by Liz Thompson  

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