Published: 24 April 2014
Calling all Gardeners
A great British gardener is on the hunt to find out what makes a great British garden.
Alan Titchmarsh
Alan Titchmarsh wants to meet the gardeners whose gardens have changed their lives. Whether it’s those of us who obsess about every detail or those who see it as an extension of their creative streak, to those for whom it has become a form of therapy. 
He is currently making a brand new ITV series called “Britain’s Best Garden”.  The new series aims to find the best private / domestic gardens in Britain and aims to find gardens that are owned and maintained by the nation’s gardeners who have turned their backyards into amazing spaces.
To mark the 50th year of his horticultural career, Alan Titchmarsh is launching a nationwide search to find Britain's 30 best private gardens.  These gardens will represent what gardening means to our nation.  We love our grand, professionally run gardens in this country but this search is about celebrating our own gardens – the people’s gardens.    We are looking for gardens that say as much about us and who we really are as they do about the blooms, lawns and fragrant borders that decorate them.   The search will honour and celebrate the nation’s most dedicated enthusiasts.   The final 30 selected gardens will be revealed in three primetime, hour long shows, to air on ITV in 2015.   We will film those gardens and a long-list of others throughout the summer months of 2014. If the creation of a garden has had a profound influence on the life of the owner then we would like to hear about it. 

Commenting on the forthcoming series Paddy Scott, Chief Executive of Scotland's Gardens said ‘Scotland’s gardens are pleased to be able to collaborate with Spun Gold in this project that will profile some of the country’s most remarkable gardens developed by people with a great passion for creativity..’

British gardeners create all kinds of gardens just about anywhere and the filming schedule will include all shapes, sizes and styles. So whether you like to lounge in your very own sleek designer-built roof terrace or lose yourself in a secret wildlife garden that is entirely your own labour of love – Alan and the film crew are looking to hear from you.

Horticultural wonders

Anyone who has a garden that they have created, or are in the process of completing that they feel they have a special relationship with then the production team at Spun Gold TV would be very keen to hear from you. Anyone can also suggest a gardener that they know who has a garden with a wonderful story to go with the garden owner.
The Spun Gold TV team are seeking applications from the length and breadth of Britain with an array of horticultural wonders from the outrageous to the beautiful, the grand and opulent to the small and perfectly formed, from the wildest to the most the meticulous, this is the series that opens the gates to gardens that are works of art, labours of love, flights of fantasy and even feats of engineering. All private, domestic gardens are eligible for entry.


Applying to the programme is easy – just email  with some information about the garden (please include its location, size plus the contact details for yourself – phone and email) along with a few photos of the nominated garden. Or write to Britain’s Best Gardens, PO Box 64382, London, EC2P 2GJ.
Information supplied by Spun Gold TV 


Reported by Chris Allen  

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