Published: 19 December 2014
Book Review: Learning with Nature
A new book that will inspire a greater interest and understanding for the natural world
This book is aimed at encouraging children into the great outdoors, including gardens of any shape or size.
Written by three experienced teachers and forest School practitioners the book contains many hands on descriptions and instructions for tried and tested games and activities that can be followed by individuals, family or organised youth groups. 
The main chapters are well structured with easy to follow guidelines and instructions for each activity and plenty of images showing young people actively involved with the hands on games and activities described.
The ‘How to’ notes give step by step details for setting up and achieving results. The ‘invisible learning’ notes are great memory joggers to help maximise the additional learning outcomes for each event.  There are also guides on how to run the activities in a slightly different way in order to cater for different ages and ability groups.

Games and activities range from treasure hunts to mystery objects and leaf puzzles to meeting a tree; the diversity of topics included within this book proves that the great outdoors is a resource that should be used by as many people as possible, whatever their interests.

The great outdoors can of course be found any garden space. This book will be invaluable to all gardeners who enjoy creating opportunities to get their younger family and friends excited about being in a garden. I thoroughly recommend it.

Title: Learning with Nature
Authors: Marina Robb, Victoria Mew, Anna Richardson
Published by: Green Books:
ISBN: 978 0 85784 239 8 [Paperback]
Available January 2015
Reported by Chris Allen  

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