Published: 09 January 2015
Geodesic dome glasshouses
When you choose a geodesic dome glasshouse from Solardome Industries you get much more than just a conventional greenhouse.
That’s because you can use it for many different things, such as a spa enclosure, dining area, or simply a place to get away from it all. The family firm, which is based in Hampshire, has developed a range of glasshouses, measuring 3.5 to 10m in diameter, which can transform your garden. Homeowner and keen gardener Andrea Fall from West Sussex told us all about why she chose Solardome Industries for her project.

Why did you choose Solardome for your project?

“We initially saw the geodesic domes, the plastic and homemade versions, on a TV programme, and I liked the idea and the properties that a dome would bring for a growing space. So from that we started to look at whether we could have a glass version. We definitely wanted something that was good quality and that would last, and we found that Solardome were the only people in the UK who actually made a glass dome.”

Why not go for a traditional greenhouse?

“One of the things that attracted us to the dome as opposed to the traditional greenhouse is that you get a much greater amount of light in the space. Having a garden that is quite exposed and often windy, the strength of the structure as well as the superior light levels of the dome really appealed. We were also impressed with the quality of how it was constructed and designed.

How did you imagine using your dome?

We wanted very much to use it not just for growing but also as a relaxing space as well, where you are away from the phone and noises and things, and you can just sit there with a cup of tea for a while and contemplate things. When we’re sitting in there it feels a little bit like we’re on holiday.”

How are things coming along?

“Its unusual dome design has provoked lots of great comments from friends and neighbours. Already we have had quite a crop of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and aubergines and the vine is growing well. We have plans to expand the planting over the autumn and look forward to using it to relax in on cooler days.”
You can discover more about how Solardome Industries can help you to transform your garden into something extra special by visiting them at

Images copyright of Solardome Industries

Reported by Chris Allen  

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