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The Plant Guardian Scheme
Plant Heritage has launched an innovative plant conservation project spearheaded by Horticultural expert and BBC The One Show’s resident gardening expert, Christine Walkden.
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The Story of Homebase at Chelsea
Leading retailer Homebase was awarded a top medal for their show garden at Chelsea. We go behind the scenes with the people who made it happen.
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London Gardeners in Focus
A photographic exhibition is revealing the City of London's unsung heroes - 'The Green Team - the Gardeners who transform your City'.
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NAFAS Blooms Below The Waves
Arranging flowers underwater by members of NAFAS was not part of their 2013 Chelsea Show display. What was on view however was some high tech science mixed with stunning floral displays.
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New Leaf Opportunities
We look at the work of an NHS project in Devon which is using plant growing as a positive way to support people with mental health issues.
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Plant Heritage
We look at the work being done by the charity Plant Heritage. Charity president Alan Titchmarsh also explains the importance of their goals and plans for the future.
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Suttons Seeds - Plants on Trial
We visit the Suttons Seeds trial grounds to see first hand what they are developing for consumers across the world.
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Garden Open Today
Driving through many towns, villages or along country lanes can reveal hidden gems, often only discovered because of a small yellow sign declaring ‘Garden Open Today’.
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A Show Picture of Flowers
We visit the National Association of Flower Arrangers at RHS Chelsea 2012 to see what they have created for the show.
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