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New grass smokes and smoulders in the sun
Pennisetum ‘Dark Desire’ is the latest release from Knoll Gardens, the UK’s leading ornamental grass specialist
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A Rose among Roses!
There are times when I see a plant and have not a clue as to what species of type it may be; This occurred again when I visited Toby Buckland’s recent Garden Festival.
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The Aspidistra
This is the tale of an old Aspidistra plant that has come in from the cold.
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National Collection of Crassula
We find out more about the UK's National Collection of Crassula species.
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Botanical Gardens
Peter Thoday shares some thoughts on Botanic Gardens.
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The Cultivation of Today's Plants
Renowned horticulturalist Peter Thoday looks at the journey taken by the cultivated plants that we recognise today.
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Saving the Heather
Leading garden plant conservation charity Plant Heritage is promoting that urgent action is needed to safeguard the plight of heathers which, due to their loss of favour with gardeners in recent years
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The Olive Revisited
We return to South Devon to see how the olive tree which we helped to plant last year with Urban & Rural plants has fared over the winter.
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A New Camellia Named
The UK's leading camellia nursery has named its latest plant release after the owner's mother, the world renowned authority, Jennifer Trehane.
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Plants Online And In Time
We put the process of ordering plants online to the test - and with Valentine's Day around the corner, what better plants to test this out on than roses!
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The Wonderful Magnolia
Chris Allen looks at some of the species in the diverse Magnolia family and makes some suggestions for incorporating them into your garden.
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Orchid Propagation
Chris Allen goes behind the scenes at Burnham Nurseries to learn about the fascinating process of Orchid propagation.
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Wollemi Pine
We take a look at the progress of the extremely rare Wollemi Pine growing at Lackham College in Wiltshire for the last few years.
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Planting for the Spring - Narcissus
Autumn is the time to think about planting spring flowering bulbs and Narcissus is a favourite that will a provide colourful display for years.
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A Carrion Flower Opens
Have a look at the process of a Carrion Flower bursting into bloom and learn some tips for keeping this plant flowering year after year.
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The Olive Tree Arrives
We follow the journey of a 500 year old Olive Tress as it makes its way from the Mediterranean to a landscaped garden in Devon.
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Wisteria - Past meets Present
Recent conversations with a past resident of Exeter lead me to visit one of the many public parks in Devon's capital city. Also, read on for some tips on growing Wisteria at home.
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Impatiens put on a Performance
Many of our garden plants are only now showing a respectable show of colour as a result of the higher temperatures and light levels over the past few weeks.
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The Blackwood Growing Season
We have a look back at the results of the growing season in our kitchen garden at Blackwood.
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The Olive Heads South
A chance meeting led to some serious talking about an ancient tree that was about to start the final leg of a long journey.
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The Geranium Tree
On a trip to France one of our readers spotted something unusual that required closer inspection
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Phytophthora ramorum
We have seen and heard in the media that the countryside, and our gardens are once again under threat from all sorts dangers of both manmade and natural causes.
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Trees in the Landscape
Our world is filled with trees of different shapes and sizes, but what caused them to evolve the way they have?
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