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Count the wildlife that is counting on you
This is the message that the RSPB are giving out to encourage even more people to take part in the first 2014 Big Garden Birdwatch.
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Wildlife Diary: December 2013
We are again at that time of year when we start ‘putting the garden to bed’ in preparation for winter.
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Supporting Wildlife in the Garden
The Homebase Garden at the RHS Chelsea Show had a strong emphasis on supporting wildlife. We look at this and how you can make your own garden a haven for nature.
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The RSPB Big Wild Sleepout
See another side of nature in your own garden plus the chance to win a great camping kit!
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The Wildlife Diary: March 2013
Andrew McCarthy recounts a recent encounter with a large group of amphibians and looks at how you can make your garden frog friendly.
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The RSPB Birdwatch Results 2013
Following publication of the results of the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2013, we look at what the figures mean for the bird population across the country.
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RSPB Birdwatch Follow Up
Liz Thompson recounts how she got on during the 2013 RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.
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Photographing Garden Birds
Ahead of the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch (26th - 27th January 2013), Andrew McCarthy give us some valuable tips at how to capture successful photographs of our garden birds.
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RSPB Birdwatch
Chris Allen and Andrew McCarthy report for The Gardening Times LIVE on the RSPB Birdwatch taking place on the 26-27th of January 2013.
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Feeding your Garden Birds
Our garden birds are not just lovely to look at; they also serve a vital purpose. They have voracious appetites for many of the insects and bugs which would destroy our tender plants and crops.
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Wildlife in our Autumn Gardens
At this time of year spiders are a common sight in our gardens and homes. Andrew McCarthy takes a look at some of the varieties you might have seen in the last few days.
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Wildlife and the Weather
The prolonged stretch of bad weather we have been recently experiencing in Britain has been taking its toll on the country's wildlife. Andrew McCarthy, our resident Wildlife expert, explains.
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Going wild in your garden
The joy of hearing or seeing wildlife in the great outdoors should never be taken for granted.
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