Ed Gent
Ed's to do list
Now the growing season is well underway Ed reminds us of some key jobs to be done
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Ed’s To Do For Early Spring
With the weather starting to improve Ed reminds us that it is time to get on with the real business of working with plants
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Ed's October Checklist
Ed’s Autumn list includes some key jobs that we need to think about before the weather turns for the worst and winter arrives in earnest.
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Ed's September Checklist
Ed still finds plenty to do this month and reminds us of some important jobs to do before the autumn really starts.
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Ed's August Checklist
Ed reminds us that there are still jobs to be done around the garden to keep the displays looking good and the crops ready for harvesting.
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Ed's July Checklist
It may be the start of the holiday season but Ed reminds us there is still plenty to do out in the garden to help produce good crops of edible and ornamental produce.
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Ed's June Checklist
Ed reminds us that there is still plenty to do out in the garden, especially as the growing conditions are so good at present.
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Ed's May Checklist
Now the growing season is really underway Ed identifies plenty of jobs to be done out in the garden.
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Ed's March Checklist
With the weather improving by the day the list of things we are now able to get on with is also growing well!
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Ed's February Checklist
February can still be a busy time in the garden and under glass.
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The January Checklist
Ed Gent provides a useful checklist for some jobs that can be carried out in the garden during January.
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